Title, Oh Perfect Title, Where Are You?

Today, as I have every day for the past four months, I ponder my book’s title.  I had been perfectly content with this title for seven years.  But now, after a few polite rejections from literary agents — in the business, they say “pass,” as in “I am going to pass on your book project” — I’ve decided that my current title is not honestly representing the book I’m proposing.   Why? because this title safely skirts around the dominate theme of my story: abusive, manipulative, self-seeking church leaders.  This is a sensitive topic.  People get angry and defensive if they think you are criticizing their church.  They divorce you as their friend (or ignore you).  Sometimes, they lie about you to other people.  Am I willing to risk this?  Yes!


4 thoughts on “Title, Oh Perfect Title, Where Are You?

    • My first blog reply! Justin, you are the man.
      Regarding book title, writing coach and I decided on a title last week, but I’m having second thoughts. Wounded by Faith: My Search for God in the Christian Church doesn’t quite hit the nail on the head for me. Reason? It sounds like my faith wounded me, which in a sense it did. The sense that my faith wounded me is that my zeal to know Jesus created a certain degree of vulnerability to the persuasions of dishonest religious leaders. But that same zeal and love for the Lord (faith) is what buffered me during the abuse and eventually saved me from the abuse. So what say you in response?

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