The “If Only” Place

The “If Only” Place 
  • I already keep a journal.
  • Who would read a blog written by a stranger?
  • I would have to use the right tense in every sentence and phrase.
  • I would have to spell and punctuate correctly.
  • Writing a blog will take time away from writing THE book.

THE book, a sacred act of revealing my life on paper for the world to see.

THE book, a thing that will one day rescue me from my day job.

THE book, an obsession that I talk about, think about, dream about.

THE book that will someday entertain and inspire thousands.

THE book, an icebreaker at a party.

THE book, the boring thing that people wonder what’s taking so long.

One day it occurred to me that I don’t even have a book. I have a manuscript. One day I admitted that THE book (okay, the manuscript) hasn’t rescued me from my day job and may never, though it is a great icebreaker at parties. Yet I still dream.

Though this book-in-process may never be on the New York Times Bestseller list, I still dream about the day my story will entertain and inspire others. But I don’t merely dream.  I understand that the act of writing has in itself transported me out of the “if only” place.  And that is an exceptional accomplishment!


2 thoughts on “The “If Only” Place

  1. THE book, something to sign when I’m famous and events are held to promote it.

    BTW, loved your list of excuses. Kind of reminds me of that book you wrote long ago: It’s Not Fattening If….

    Love your new blog, my friend!

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