When Church Rapes Your Soul

I know people who have been hurt in church.  I know lots of people who have been hurt in church.  In some cases, their experiences in church have left a bitter gall in their belly. Church, once a joy, became a story told until threadbare, now discarded.   They have left church with no desire to return.

Other people I know still desire church community in spite of their painful experience.  They desire the corporate worship, friendship, teaching, and  ministerial opportunities often found in church, but they don’t want the part of church that raped their soul. 

I have been hurt in church.  What church took from me happened so gradually that I did not even know the extent of my injury.  Oh sure, I sensed something awry, but I didn’t know why.  I didn’t know what.  I blamed the unsettled feeling on myself.   I was selfish.  I was judgmental. I was not heavenly-minded enough.   I had to pray and seek forgiveness from God and from others.  I had to try harder to fit in. 

Now  I know better.


5 thoughts on “When Church Rapes Your Soul

  1. Church hurts, those are the worst wounds. God is looking for a people that will not look to the church but become the church and administer healing. You are a prime candidate. Your gentleness and genuine loving spirit are your woking tools.


      • The concept of church as a building has splintered the body of Christ. Sure, it’s nice to have a building to meet in, but don’t forget that each one of us are marvelously and mysteriously attached and, as with a human body, interdependent upon one another. Just think, it is in this marvelous that you (me/us) are connected to people around the world you have never or may never meet this side of heaven

  2. Thanks for daring to open a topic replete with pain and depth. I pray God continues to stir this in you and that you are able to move forward as a voice of reason and healing for many. Thanks for stepping out. I see you differently today because of it.

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