Book Update: Author Bio

Today I am working on the author bio section of my proposal.  Selling oneself as an author is a skill  dramatically different from the writing part of authoring.   It is a skill that doesn’t come naturally to many writers, including me.  For that reason, I can understand why many excellent writers don’t pursue publication.  For that reason, writing (and rewriting) my proposal feels like hiking in the high Idaho desert with a blindfold on.

I do not doubt that my story has tremendous value, but to condense that value into a few, concise, convincing words that target a precise audience, is not as easy as it may sound.   Why can’t writing a book be enough without having to sell a book idea to someone (agent) to sell to someone else (publisher) to sell to someone else (people who buy and read books/my audience)?  Why can’t I just write, presss a magic button, and have my proposal/manuscript arrive instantly at the desk of the perfect agent/publisher?


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