5:48 a.m.

It’s dark outside. Dark and cold. My body clings to its warm cocoon, but my mind is alert. What noise awakened me? Like a cougar sensing prey, still as if frozen, eyes piercing darkness, nostrils flaring, ears twitching, I wait. Maybe I dreamt the noise. Maybe I can fall back to sleep and wake up gently in an hour. Maybe, if I can fall back to sleep, I won’t have a headache today. Then I hear it, unmistakable this time: a yip. A canine yip.

Beeker, my five-year-old West Highland White terrier wants out. I try to ignore it, but can’t. What if he has to relieve himself? Yeah, but what if he wants to chase a cat? That’s not a behavior I want to reinforce. He yips again.

By now, I’m fully awake. I get up and let him out, hoping he lifts his leg on the nearest upright object. But no. He runs to the fence, his short, white tail straight up like a beacon, surveying his territory. It is apparent that my dog has outsmarted me.

And so, I blog.


3 thoughts on “5:48 a.m.

    • I did laugh. I can just see his little tail now. Basil doesn’t do stuff like that to us. He is only insistent on going outside when he needs to relieve himself. Perhaps a week or two with Beeker could teach him some new tricks…

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