Manuscript to be done or not to be done

The protocol for submitting fiction to a literary agent or publisher differs from submitting nonfiction. Typically for fiction, and most certainly for unknown fiction writers, agents and/or publishers want to see a completed manuscript. But for nonfiction, they usually request just the first two or three chapters of a manuscript-in-process, plus a proposal.

Might sound like nonfiction writers are getting a break, but they are not. A well-constructed proposal, the nonfiction-writer’s primary marketing tool, is a huge task. Not only does a proposal require focused, polished writing, but also the type of writing, the genre, if you will, differs drastically from the proposed writing.

A book proposal is a sales pitch written to persuade a businessperson (agent and/or publisher) that readers (your ultimate audience) will buy your writing. And most writers simply want to tell a story, not sell their story or themselves.

Today, I am working on my book proposal. But I’m not excited. I’m not full of enthusiasm.
Because I’ve written it already, sent it out to several agents at their request, and received enough feedback to realize that the proposal needs more work. I want it to be wonderful NOW without more work. So, I’ve been procrastinating. But TODAY, I am picking myself up by the emotional bootstraps and getting back into gear.



3 thoughts on “Manuscript to be done or not to be done

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