My Cousin Judy

I just requested a non-fiction proposal template from Mary E. DeMuth, memoir (and other works) author, speaker, and book mentor to help me piece together a more polished proposal. Even though I have a completed proposal, it needs work and I have not known where to start the process. I feel like a floundering fish just reeled to shore.

For years, I have been working with another book mentor, a perceptive and talented writer/editor with whom I work well: my Cousin Judy. But Judy has not been well enough to help me for the past few months, and we both know that it’s time for me to give birth to this book. A seven-year labor is long enough.

 Though we both know that I need to keep working even if it means without her direct help, I am emotionally torn. Judy has been more than a mentor.  She has been a midwife, and she has been a friend. Our relationship throughout this book-mentoring process nourishes my soul and enriches my life.

I have always loved my Cuz, but I love her even more now. Thank you, Cousin Judy!


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