Success and Failure

“Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.” ~~ Sir Winston Churchill
 Some well-meaning person, I’m sure, posted this quote on my Facebook page.  My response: “NO loss of enthusiasm?”
Of course my enthusiasm has waned from time to time during this book writing-process. For the last seven years, I have experienced serious writer’s block, headaches that have rendered my writing efforts temporarily infertile, rejection letters, major rewrites of sections I naively viewed as stellar, an agent who “strongly encouraged” me to rewrite my 67,000 word true story as fiction, confusion, interruptions, exhaustion, and occasional spousal riddling such as Is the book done yet? or Has that million-dollar advance arrived?

 Does this make me a failure?  I don’t think so.

Sorry Winston, but I am going to counter your definition of success with my own, “Success is the ability to stand up in the midst of discouragement (loss of enthusiasm), brush yourself off, and ride into the wind with your head held high.”


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