Appreciating the Process

What is it About Bread? That is the question I pondered today as a smile appeared on my face while kneading bread dough. After two extremely tense days and nights and for no apparent reason, I smiled. After the smile, I took a deep breath and felt my shoulders relax; I sighed. It felt good to feel good.
Most everyone likes to eat bread, especially home-baked bread. Not everyone likes to make bread. Or some people like to make bread in a bread maker, which is not actually making bread. Making bread in a bread maker is assembling ingredients for a machine to make bread. Even if the bread from a bread maker tastes as good as handmade bread (I’m not convinced it does) the benefits of handmade bread go far beyond taste. Not everything in life is about taste. Most of life is the process. I want to enjoy the process.
Writing is a process. If I can’t enjoy the process by taking pleasure in the small steps, I would quickly become discouraged. That’s why I reward myself with a private little celebration every time I achieve a goal even as seemingly small as completing a difficult sentence. The larger achievements, such as completing a chapter, receive a bigger award. I take a day off from writing simply to appreciate the accomplishment. This is my base camp. This is my opportunity to look down the mountain to see where I have come from, rest, and then gather my gear to continue my trek up the writing mountain.

the lonely trek


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