Last night, fireworks freaked Beeker out for the first time in his five-year-old life. I was already asleep when Jerry opened the bedroom door and a frantic Westie clawed his way up into my bed. His heart was beating rapidly and hard. Normally, a brave and  independent fellow who prefers sleeping in his crate to sharing my bed, he slept by my side for the remainder of the night.

Fireworks had never bothered him before, so what was different about last night? Maybe some neighbors threw those obnoxious, illegal bottle rockets. My first Westie, Skyler, was fine with fireworks until the neighbor boys set bottle rockets off near his kennel one day before the 4th of July. After that incident, Skyler became a total weenie whenever a firework went off. The day I knew he was deaf was the day he looked at me unflinchingly and wagged his tail as a firecracker exploded in a nearby yard. Unaware that the thing he feared surrounded him, he existed contentedly to his quiet world.

Sometimes, we human types turn a deaf ear to a reality that threatens our contented place; i.e., we pretend an uncomfortable or scary thing or situation does not exist even though we know it exists – a rich dessert when your cholesterol is dangerously high, a drink before driving, sharing your faith, that push he gave you, sex without commitment, ignoring a religious leader’s sin.

Think about it. Is there something you are willing to ignore because you don’t want to loose your contented place? I know that struggle. I have plugged my conscience with proverbial earplugs upon numerous occasions. Like my normally brave and independent Westie, I can be a weenie when the firecrackers go off. But I want to be strong and courageous in the Lord Jesus Christ!

Do you want to be strong and courageous? Take out those earplugs and face those fireworks in 2011.





4 thoughts on “01/01/2011

  1. Thanks for such a timely reminder of a simple truth.
    Holly (our Canardly – can hardly tell what kind of dog she is) freaks with fireworks and thunder. We have advance warning of thunderstorms cause of her.

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