The Job of Writing

“Finding an agent is just like looking for a job…It’s better to sign with the right agent then to just sign with the first interested one because it’s stressful to not have an agent. A good agent is worth the wait and a bad agent is worse than not having one”
 Margo Candela From interview by awalls (Word Hustler).
 I love this quote because it validates not only my writing, but also every step I take towards becoming a career writer (writing, research, rewriting, establishing a book-support team, rewriting, building a platform, honing my public-speaking skills, rewriting, talking about myself and my book to strangers, explaining to my husband why I spend so much time and emotion on an endeavor that isn’t earning a wage, seeking an agent, rewriting, and etc.).
So, even though my writing is not generating an income, I approach writing like a paying job. Actually, right now, I’m the one who is paying. I’m paying my dues like artists before me.
 Writing gets lonely sometimes, especially when people whose opinions matter don’t quite “get it.” Never-the-less, whether people “get it” or not, I am compelled to keep on writing. My agent is out there and I look forward to meeting him/her someday. Meanwhile, I keep on writing, rewriting, etc.
Thank you Margo Candela!



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