When Love Hurts

Five years ago today, Skyler, my first Westie, turned 15.  Three days from today five years ago, he slipped into doggie heaven where forever he happily lifts his leg on every upright object, pushes basketball and soccer balls with his nose, attacks heavenly dishwashers, and romps with his buddies. I like to think that he might even rest upon Genevieve’s heavenly lap.

I sure do miss them both. My friend, Genevieve, died seven years ago. She was much too young, vibrant, and important to have died prematurely of a rare and violent cancer. To lose a beloved friend, whether human or pet, leaves within my heart, a throbbing emptiness.

Sure, I make new friends, but I miss the old. Even though other precious friends fill me in their own unique ways, they do not fill the place that Genevieve left. Even though I adore my new Westie, he is not Skyler.

Had I known in advance the pain love brings, would I still love? Yes! Didn’t Lord Tenneyson, the poet, say something along the line of “I’d rather love and loose than to never love at all”?  To me, the grieving, the unavoidable grieving that accompanies love is worth the loving.

What about God?

Is the grieving worth the loving to God? Does he grieve when those he loves leave him? Even though other precious people fill his heart in their own unique ways, do they fill the place created for someone else? Hmm, that’s big. But then, so is God.

So is love.

Me and Skyler at 14 years old.


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