Why do you write?

Literary agent, Rachelle Gardner writes one of my favorite blogs.  She invites the reader into her world: the world of a literary agent, and in the process, gives for the taking a wealth of amazing advice.  

Today, needing a break from writing a book proposal, I paid Rachelle’s blog a visit. In Writing vs. Publishing Friday, April 29, 2011, she discussed “why we write.”  I responded. 

I write because reading changed my life. As a child, like many of you, books allowed me access to worlds in which I was not painfully shy or always the last kid picked for kickball during recess. Books allowed me to sleuth several dozen mysteries, ride bareback upon a wild, gleaming black stallion that no one but me could tame, and have the most loyal canine companion in the world.  In the fifth grade when Mrs. Matthes showed me how to write a story, writing gave me access, not to the world of another, but to the world of my own feelings. For the first time in my ten-year -old life, I had a voice! Now, I write to change lives like my life was changed, one small story at a time.

Why do you write?

See Rachelle’s blog for more stimulating discussions and invaluable information about writing



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