The slow-moving thing

My life is filling up with gainful employment.  Yes, I have a part-time temporary, possibly permanent, full-time job at  Boise State, my ala mater.  It’s been 7 1/2 years since I graduated from Boise State and four years since I terminated my almost 17-year employment there to accept a new position at Idaho State University.  Come June 27, I will have been unemployed and technically retired for two years.  I surely thought that I would be further along with this book.  Further along like done.   D-O-N-E! Actually, except for some last-minute rewrites, I am done with the book.  It’ s the book proposal that is creeping along like something very slow.  I keep telling myself that even slow-moving things get there eventually.  Oh Lord, give me strength, inspiration, patience, and  a few really great open doors. 


2 thoughts on “The slow-moving thing

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