Do I eat, pray, and love like Gilbert?

I have an entire day to work on my book proposal.  My goal is to produce a rough draft “competition” section.  It feels utterly presumptuous to compare my story to either of these great bestsellers;  however, subject-matter similarities exist. 

  • Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia by Elizabeth Gilbert. After a painful marriage and divorce, Gilbert sets out upon a year-long journey of self discovery in three far-away lands. In these places where she indulges in food, culture, and new friendships, she opens her heart to honest, authentic relationship with God and the important people in her life. Differences: HOG is a spiritual journey of a different ilk. Gilbert finds fulfillment in Eastern religion. Tracy finds fulfillment in Jesus Christ. Additionally, food for Gilbert is pleasure.  For Tracy, food is an enemy, a symptom of emotional pain, something to hide and, eventually, to overcome. 
  • Leaving Church: A Memoir of Faith by Barbara Brown Taylor. Taylor’s passion for God ignites her relationship with church into service overdrive. Exhausted, she resigns her leadership position as a priest, yet her relationship with God grows deeper and more intimate. Tracy’s passion for God also ignites a works-based relationship with church that exhausts her. Though Tracy doesn’t physically leave church, she distances herself emotionally.  As each woman draws closer to God, they discover that church is not merely a meeting place, but a living breathing relationship with Jesus and the imperfect people he loves.  Differences- Taylor is an Episcopal priest, the leader in the churches she leaves.  Tracy, a member and Bible College student, leaves Pentecostal churches with serious problems.

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