Why do I write? Can I think about that?

TodayI’m not sure why I write.  Today I am tired.  Today I have to convince my new supervisor and, yes, myself that I can do this new job that I know I can do, but not sure if I can do it  in her time and her way.  Not really even sure if I want to do it at all.  Why? Because I’m sure I want to write.  Well, here we are back to the same thing.  I really DO want to write. I really DO write.  But not today because today I still need my day job.


2 thoughts on “Why do I write? Can I think about that?

  1. You can do it!!! I have this rule. No matter what, even if it’s the world’s busiest day…of course things are different now, but when I had this crazy schedule where I had no time to write [my kids are older and on their own now] I had the 10 word rule. No matter what, I wrote 10 words. 10. Maybe, give it a try? Good luck to you. The world needs your book!

    • I’ve barely written this week, not in my journal, my blog, or the book-in-progress, so your encouraging word came at a great time. In spite of the times I’m not writing, the times I do stagger to the computer after a long, hard week, have been deliciously productive. Thanks!

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