It’s The “P” Word

Ok, I’m back. I know, I know. If I hope to sell nonfiction, I need a platform. In literary-speak platform=reputation. Without a platform, I’m nobody. How does a “nobody” build a platform? You’re asking me? All I know is that I’m polishing up an eight-year non-fiction project so I read blogs and articles by and about selling non fiction. See what Kimberly Shumate, a literary agent with Living Word Literary says in March 23, Guide to Literary Agents Editors Blog by Chuck, “I hate to use the “P” word, but platform seems to be the number one concern most publishers have with new nonfiction authors. So, if you’re not writing regularly on a blog, you need to start. Also, create a Facebook page and open a Twitter account to get your name out there and circulating.” Ya gotta have PLATFORM! And that’s why I’m sending my lament out to the world wide web world via my “nobody” WordPress blog so that maybe somebody will see it and read it and like it and tell somebody else to read it. And the beat goes on from there. I mean, Julie Powell did it writing about a recipe. So, why can’t I do it talking about writing a memoir? You go, Marsha Tracy, you go!


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