Elizabeth Gilbert, My Mentor

Ok, though it’s difficult to admit, I’ll be honest–this book intimates me. Actually, I’m jealous of Ms. Gilbert, which is even more difficult to admit because jealousy is not a virtue and I strive to be a virtuous woman. That’s probably the problem right there: I strive.

I realize that using Ms. Gilbert’s bestseller-made-into-a -movie in the comparative section of my book proposal is somewhat conceited. I’m actually embarrassed to admit that I compared my book in anyway to her book. The reasons I used it is because 1. I had a hard time finding books similar to mine 2. Eat, Pray, Love and my book do have some legitimate parallels.

Even though Eat, Pray, Love parallels my book in some ways, there are plenty of differences. For one thing, though we both write about spiritual journeys, we don’t believe alike on several major spiritual-journey points. However, those differences do not invalidate her incredible writing skills and what she offers as a writing mentor. That’s right. Bestselling author Elizabeth Gilbert doesn’t know me but she is my mentor. She is my mentor because I have decided that instead of being jealous of her writing skills, I’m going to become a student of her writing skills. I’m going to glean whatever skills I can from this amazing writer.


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