Chris Meade Passes the Pastor Baton  # 1

In a sermon about “Courage,” 7/17/11, my pastor announced that he plans to step down from his position as pastor, and thus his days at the pulpit are few. He is the first truly grace-based pastor I have ever had and I will miss him.  He is beloved.  So beloved, in fact that people cried when they found out.

His announcement surprised me and I felt sad, but I didn’t cry. I thought, but he is the primary reason we keep coming back to a church that in over six years has not quite met our relational needs.  Then I felt excited in a funny kind of way.  I just knew that Chris and Mary’s decision to step down to seek the Lord for direction was absolutely and without doubt within God’s divine order. And though I don’t know how or why, I know that this divine change will bring positive change to Grace Chapel of Boise. 

If you want to listen to a truly humble, God-fearing pastor, check out Chris Meade’s 7/17/11 podcast “Pastoral Message.”


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