Stuck & Discouraged

Since I know it happens to writers all the time, I shall be transperant and share with my readership that I am doubting my ability to do this.  Do what? To write this book well enough.  I’ve written the book and it is good, but good is not good enough.  I need outstanding and I don’t think I’m there.  Do I have the heart to take it back a notch or two, take a big breath,  and write extraordinarily?


8 thoughts on “Stuck & Discouraged

  1. Your book sounds fascinating! Getting all those thoughts sorted out, and down on paper, so someone else can absorb your story–wow, awesome. That’s the hard part!

    I love a well written book. Even, I (me?) who can barely write, have read too many books where even I could have done a better editing job.

    A job worth doing….

    Make it shine!

    • Rob,
      Thank you for your encouraging words. I appreciate each one. Writing a book has been a real journey. In my first post on this blog, I compare writing this book to pregnancy because it actually seems to have taken on a life of it’s own. I’ve also done lots of rewriting. Most people don’t realize how important it is to rewrite and rewrite and rewrite. I didn’t.

      I would be curious how you hooked up to my blog. I haven’t had much traffic and it would help to know what is working.

      Take Care and thanks again,
      Marsha T.

  2. Don’t get discouraged I know that you have what it takes to do whatever needs to be done to get this book published! Your an incredibly wise and perseverant woman! I know you can do it!

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