Writer’s Block In Spite of a Beautiful Day

For most of the day, I sat in my backyard writing.  Boise summer warmth relaxed my morning muscles.  Birds chirped, chattered, and hummed.  Hummingbirds, fueling up for their _____ -mile migration to Mexico  visited the feeders every ten or 15 minutes, it seemed.  The Westies lay contentedly at my feet as happy. A perfectly beautiful day.  But not perfectly inspiring.  My muscles ached from an interrupted night’s sleep.  My brain played keep away.  My need for an income distracted me.  And my coffee, even with Coffee Mate hazelnut creamer, was too strong. 

I had major revision decision to make and the ideas were blocked.  So, I watered the garden, pulled a few weeds, scooped some poop, and watched the Dog whisperer.  Then I prayed–Why hadn’t I prayed sooner?–and got back to the revisions.  And it happened.  I saw the problems and I saw the solutions.  Now Chapter 9, fifth revision, is almost complete.


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