What’s a Writer Like Me Doing at a 9-5 Job?

Marsha’s web site

I have returned to work. After two and half years unemployed, I am now employed. I receive a regular paycheck, work eight to five, Monday through Friday, and have a decent income with health care benefits. These benefits cost $133.00 a month for my husband and me. that is $800+ LESS than the $977 we previously paid while I was unemployed!  I am working with supportive, funny, kind, skilled, happy people at a type of job I never wanted to work again.  And I am liken’ it.

What happened to my writing dream? What happened to sitting at my computer in my cozy pink PJs, happily writing an engaging story for which I have already received an advance from the publisher who adores my work while preparing my presentation for my up-and-coming speaking tour?

What happened to the dream?

What happened is, I am still paying my dues.

I still write. I still seek agent representation.  I still work toward my goal to one day be a career writer.  Meanwhile, I am learning new skills, building relationships, enriching my life experience, and earning an income.

My dream hasn’t died.  God hasn’t left me.  And I’m still writing.  So, what am I complaining about?

Absolutely nothing!


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