Emotionally & Spiritually Handcuffed: A Search for Love and Acceptance in Abusive Churches-Agent Response!

Emotionally & Spiritually Handcuffed: A Search for Love and Acceptance in Abusive Churches

Agent Response!

     Last week, I received an encouraging response from a Literary Agent. “Projects like yours are increasing in popularity” she said, “but…I would need to see significant increases in your platform numbers—somewhere in the thousands for public speaking audiences, blog readership, Twitter followers, and/or Facebook fans… If you do beef up your online platform, I’d be delighted to take another look.”

With your help, I can build my platform into something that will attract a publisher.  Please visit my online sites and drop me a comment.  Share your thoughts.

Tell me about your good, bad, or anything in-between experiences with church, religion, God, and the relationships you have lost or found as a part of those experiences.

Tell me if you agree with things I have written or if you think I’m horribly wrong or unfair. If my writing stimulates a strong emotion whether anger, confusion, hope, or excitement, tell me.

Tell me why you go to church or don’t go to church.  Tell me if you don’t go but did go or if you have never set foot in a church.  Tell me if you don’t trust religion or if you love religion more than anything else in your life.  Tell me if you’re spiritual but not religious.

Tell me if you heard a sermon today (or any day) that inspired you, met you exactly where you’re at in your heart and soul, and gave you hope.  Tell me if you heard a sermon today (or any day) that made you feel like you don’t measure up and never will. Tell me if you feel that God must be angry with you because you have made so many mistakes.

Tell me if you know you’re forgiven. Tell me your hopes and dreams.  Tell me your favorite junk food and when you most enjoy eating it.  Oh yes, and if you have a dog, definitely tell me what kind of dog you have, the name of your dog, and your favorite thing about your canine buddy.

Remember – YOU are my platform.

I am counting on you.  If each of you write something on my blog, webpage, Facebook page, or Twitter page and you tell a friend, you will help increase my platform in the thousands.

www.marshasusantracy.intuitwebsites.com     Website

www.marshasusantracy.wordpress.com            Blog

thecottonishigh              Twitter


7 thoughts on “Emotionally & Spiritually Handcuffed: A Search for Love and Acceptance in Abusive Churches-Agent Response!

  1. I heard a sermon Saturday night that made me run into the loving arms of Jesus who is full of GRACE. listen to Judah Smith. TheCityChurch March 10,11

    • Thank you for your comment, Jan. Do we know each other? I have photos of myself on my webpage, but have yet to put some onto my blog. I am so grateful for the grace of God, something that was hard to grasp when I attended churches that put so much accent on works. Don’t get me wrong, I think works are essential, but hopefully,the motive is love, not fear.

      If you want to know more about my book check out my website (www.marshasusantracy.intuitwebsites.com) or search this blog for excerpts.

      Have a great day in the Lord!


      • What is your maiden name? Does Ryker ring a bell; a dog that needed a temporary home for a few days while you found his owner?

      • Of course! Marsha Rosenthal will never forget the Jan that took a beautiful German Shepherd named Ryker into her family. Thank you so much for doing that and for posting to my blog. The more action I get on my blog, the closer I get to my publishing goal. Hope all is well with you.

      • Thanks for your comment, Jan. I hope you enjoy my blog and read things that encourage and inspire you. I hope you got my “Ryker” comment. Not sure if I posted it to the correct spot. Let me know if you didn’t get it and I’ll send again.

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