A controversial title: Emotionally & Spiritually Handcuffed: A Search for Love and Acceptance in (Abusive) Churches

I agree that the working title of my book-in-progress  will bother some people. I agree that by using a title that may stir up controversy, I am taking a risk. What if people accuse me of speaking negatively of the church, or even more worse, speaking negatively of THEIR church?  Honestly? I expect some of that to happen.

Before that person finds themselves responding negatively to my title or anything in my book, I hope they will stop and realize that I am not blasting anyone, and I am not blasting their church.  I am  telling my story about experiences in churches that allowed me to learn and experience amazingly wonderful things about God and also participated in or allowed, for whatever reason, disgraceful teachings and behaviors.

Yes, every day bad things happen in good churches and good things in bad churches. It happened to me.  And it probably happened to you.


10 thoughts on “A controversial title: Emotionally & Spiritually Handcuffed: A Search for Love and Acceptance in (Abusive) Churches

  1. I probably relate quite a bit to the topic of your book, but I’m a little lost by the word “handcuffed”. Not sure what you’re driving at, and the subtitle doesn’t really help me understand. (Granted, I could probably write the book myself on abusive churches….but that one word does raise all sorts of questions.)

    • Thank you for your comment,Robg. I actually agree with you. Loved the word “Handcuffed” for my title when I first heard the word used in an interview with that young woman who was kidnapped as a small child and discovered about a year ago. She also wrote a book about her experience. But now I am having second thoughts. I don’t want my title to give the impression that my book is about abusive religion only. It really is about a young girl who didn’t fit in with her peers, her religion, or her culture, then as a young woman in her early 20’s, found acceptance and excitement in cult-like churches.

      Thanks for giving me something to think about.

      What was your experience?

  2. I have a question about your blog. On the right hand side it looks like chapters from your books but when I try to click them nothing happens. Is it supposed to be like that. I’d really like to read these. Just wondering.

    • Hi June. I noticed that too. I concluded these heading are not meant to be links. Some of the heading are chapter excerpts. Others are commentary. I’m thinking of changing my design because of the inability to access another page with a click. Now you can scroll down to “older posts” or “achived posts” or something like that, but I think most readers are more apt to read older posts if they can access the post with one simple click. Thank you for asking the question.


  3. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this chapter and like your writing style. I could see everyone and everything around me (in my mind) while reading. I couldn’t stop reading – love it when that happens! I’m looking forward to more 🙂

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