Let Go

Today, the “boss” asked me into his office and I knew immediately that it wasn’t good.  And it wasn’t.  At least it is not good at this moment.  I didn’t pass my probationary period on my new job.  For the last couple of months, I have been feeling competent and confident about my job.  But from the beginning there has also been a sense of being on the outside, exclusion from the personal chats and laughter around the office, not accepted, blatantly ignored. 

And so, I begin a new adventure. 


2 thoughts on “Let Go

  1. my coment is I refuse to inter into that world, I live in the world off being consus of who I am. and how I relate to others . we all are in the ciircle of life and I feal like it is important how we treat each other. and how we relate to each other . so I must keep in constant contact with my creator concerning my actions and the way that I conduct myself in the inviornment and the circle that I
    am living in . as I look into my life each and every day that I am given hear on this or in the creation he has given to me and the rest of the circle that I live in . I feal it is my responsibility to make sure that spiritualey I am living within the convictions that are showen to me and my creator has made very clear to me . I cannot aford to let the fealing of others or the presures of the world or society influence my responsibilitey to live within the convictions or the spirtual responsibilites that are given to me on a dailey basis and if that steps on others toes or ofends them that is to bad they will have to live with it

    • Dear deartrailmine,
      You are so right about personal responsibility to live within our convictions in spite of the resistance that may result. I am learning to follow my conscience and live with the integrity of my convictions even though it is my nature to keep the peace.

      Take Care,
      Fully Persuaded One

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