A Time To Build: An Author’s Attempt to Attract Readers

Yesterday, I saw my first humming bird since late fall. These tenacious 4” commuters fly between Mexico and Idaho, over 1,100 miles, twice a year. They are on a serious mission to propagate the hummingbird race. Fortunately, nectar filled bottles hung from the awning on our back porch when the hungry birds arrived.

I am also on a serious mission. My mission is to propagate a readership with tales that satisfy or, as Dave Lakhani, author of Learn to Sell When Nobody’s Buying says, “shift their reality.” I want to write stories that engage readers so thoroughly that they return like hummingbirds to a feeder.

What I need to accomplish my mission is simple: a mere thousand, or so, hits to my social media pages: website, blog, Facebook, and Twitter. Like me, love me, hit me. Help me get published! Help me propagate stories that temporarily or permanently shift your reality. Help me to accomplish what seems impossible.

Visit David Lakhani at http://www.boldapproach.com/


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