Two Elizabeths: Friday

I attended Dave Lakhani’s dynamic, idea-filled session on book marketing.   

“I grew up in a cult,” he told the room filled with eager authors and wannabe writers. 

“In one sentence, what is your story?”

People raised their hands and shared their one sentence summary.

“I write about wild horses.”

“I write about flowers.”

“I write about my life as a step mother.”

From the back of the room, I raised my hand and shouted, “I write about toxic religion.”

After the session while people gathered up front to buy his books and ask him questions, I packed put my laptop away and stood up to leave. 

“Wait,” Dave said pointing to me, “You in the back.  Don’t leave. I want to talk to you.” 

 I didn’t leave and Dave talked to me.

“I know lots of people who will be interested in your book,” he said. 

Wow, I thought.  This was just what I needed: some kind of a boost, perspective, a clear view of the landscape from the top of a mountain.


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