Two Elizabeth’s: Tuesday

Three days after I had queried the Saturday Elizabeth, she emailed me requesting a promotion plan. The only thing close to a promotion plan I possessed was the marketing section in my book proposal.  So, I beefed it up and sent it to her. She responded within the hour.

Something in the tone of her response disturbed me. 

“We can’t help you,” she said, “as if speaking of a beloved feline suffering from a rapidly-progressing kidney disease. And then the final punch, “Maybe you should try an ebook.”

Though ebooks present a respectable publishing option that can work symbiotically with traditional publishing, I responded to her suggestion as if my writing wasn’t good enough for a traditional publisher. For the first time in years, I let constructive criticism from an agent really get me down. 

For several silly hours, and probably even into the night, I doubted myself.  Is my writing lifeless as her words implied?  Why haven’t I been able to build a stronger interest (platform)?  What have I been doing these years? More importantly, why have I been doing it? I thought I was writing a story to encourage, entertain, and in some way, change lives.

“Oh Lord,” I prayed. “If this book is a pipe dream, I’d like to know.  But if the passion and inspiration that has driven me to write this book comes from you, I’d like to know that, too.” Then I dismissed the agent’s opinion as the agent’s opinion. 


3 thoughts on “Two Elizabeth’s: Tuesday

  1. I pretty much think a dream is YOURS. As a unique, creative, individual, your dream is totally valid…in other words, it doesn’t need to validated as being God’s will. Feel free to pursue your dream to your heart’s content.

    Anyway, I agree with the other fellow who said people will be interested in your story.

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