Back at BSU


Lovin’ this this Idaho spring morn.  Lovin’ the sunny sky, air with a hint of mountain freshness, plum­-scented blossoms, and the soft–as opposed to chaotic–foot traffic of the unfortunate few students enrolled in summer school.

I am at Boise State University using my laptop.  Why not? Brought my friend, Anita, to her job–my former job–and decided to stay awhile.  Why not?  My parking permit is good through June and the WiFi is free. After 20 years as an employee and 13 as a student at Boise State, I’m vested. Regardless of my employment status or lack thereof, I am an honorary patron of this university.

Book Update

Currently, I am applying the edits Cherie, my friend from Grace Chapel, did for me.  So far, she’s done five or six chapters. I sure appreciate her help, particularly since Cousin Judy, who normally grammar edits my drafts, has been sick for so long.  I am also applying fifth-draft edits to chapters 20-Epilogue.  That’s the equivalent of three chapters to go.

I am taking a break from querying agents. Even though I should send query letters out weekly, I have become a bit lethargic.  Somewhere in my mind, I am holding out hope that Sunday Elizabeth will make an offer.

Maybe she will.

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