A Writing Day

Today I had a most satisfying morning starting and competing a fifth draft edit on yet another chapter.  I haven’t been doing much writing lately, and it felt good to dig in.

Eight weeks have passed since I resigned my job and I am only now finally reestablishing a writing routine.  Seems as if I should have accomplished more by now, but I tend to not give myself credit for non-writing time spent.  Though I have gotten less writing done these eight weeks than I do working 40 a week, I have been getting lots of other important things done in preparation for when I return to full-time employ.

For instance, I cleaned my house, planted and maintained several gardens, stayed at church longer  after service, groomed the Westies, had a dinner party, went to a friend’s son’s graduation, searched for jobs, made better meals, did more yoga, spent time with my granddaughter, my husband, my friends, had several interviews, stayed up late, sat in the yard and listened to the birds, plus the other things that I don’t often do when I’m working full time.

Notice how I can now seem to find time for relationships.

Writing is extremely important to me, but it isn’t everything. Relationship is more important. Can’t truthfully write about relationship and not engage in relationship.


2 thoughts on “A Writing Day

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    • Thanks for checking out my site. I’m looking forward to what you have to say about so much to write, so little time. I can surely relate. Then don’t forget the other writing tasks like keeping on on your social media and querying agents.

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