One Power-Packed Healthy Breakfast

This morning I begin my day with a bowl of lumpy, old fashioned oatmeal smothered with fresh blueberries, raspberries from our yard, deluxe raisin mix, and toasted almonds. Yum.  Hope this breakfast lifts me from my sleepy brain, ‘cause I’ve got some major thinking to do this morning. 

After I found “A Place Called Grace” in my 4th draft folder and read it, I realized I had far too much info stuffed into one chapter.  It wasn’t the length as much as the content that overloaded my story.  I had strayed from the major point of the chapter and stuffed ingredients that belonged either in their own chapter or in another chapter with similar content. 

The next chapter presented a similar problem: unrelated-to-the-chapter-theme.

My dilemma thickened when I realized that the unrelated material, though strongly in sync with the book theme, was poorly written, a huge “tell” rather than an engaging “show.”

After sleeping on the dilemma, I have concluded the following:

  1. I must distinguish between material that will enhance my story and rant material.
  2. I must decide where to put what remains.
  3. I must rewrite the material to fit the style and quality of the rest of the story.

And so, now you know why my oatmeal is loaded and, I forgot to mention, my coffee is strong.



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