How Many Revisions Fooled Me

Just when I thought my 5th draft revision was more-or-less complete, I realized it was not. For one thing, I’d somehow bypassed one entire chapter from my countdown by leaving it in the fourth draft folder. I’d been moving 4th drafts into the 5th draft folder one chapter at a time. Then I moved skipped a chapter on purpose to evaluate something in the following chapter. After the evaluation, rather than moving that chapter back into the 4th draft folder where it should have stayed until I was ready to work on it, I left it in the 5th draft folder. When I counted how many chapters I had left, I didn’t count the chapter still in the 4th draft folder because I did not remember skipping it. I didn’t realize it was missing from the 5th draft folder until I was editing my chapter outlines, which of course, included all the chapters. It wasn’t until I searched all my 5th draft folders to find “A Place Called Grace,” without success that I realized it had been left behind in the 4th draft folder.
Now I can proceed.


3 thoughts on “How Many Revisions Fooled Me

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