Seeking Acceptance in Church and Other Places

Most of us church folks have been hurt at one point or another in church.  It is sad, but it is human.  Most people do not want to be hurtful, but as it happens in a biological or adopted family, it happens in spiritual families.  People are sensitive creatures.  We all strive for love and acceptance. Sometimes we try so hard, we hurt the ones we love.

Using my life as a backdrop, this book explores how the innate need for love and acceptance can make a person vulnerable to relational abuse.  In my case, that abuse was religious abuse. I confused my relationship with church as my relationship with God. In the process, church became so central to my life that I could not recognize when my faith became toxic.

Toxic faith is a slippery foe because it partners with pious perfection, submission to authority, conditional love, unrealistic expectations, and out-of-context Biblical truths. Toxic faith is a facade, a symptom of deeper problem.

But Jesus set me free!



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