In Season

No, I am not a female dog in estrus.  I am a writer on hold. Even though my alarm went off early enough to start writing before daylight, I’m not writing (except for this blog).  So, you probably wonder, why is that? The reason is simple. I simply don’t know what to write. What?  Yes, you heard me correctly.  After nine writing years, I can’t work on my book, because the manuscript is ready to season.

According to mega author, Stephen King (On Writing), “season” means the draft goes into a drawer for, he suggests, a minimum of six weeks–no peeking–before starting the next draft.  For Stephen King, the next draft is the second draft.  For Marsha Tracy, the next draft is the sixth draft.  Marsha Tracy has alot  to learn about writing books.

Though I should, I hesitate to start something new. I would like to write a novel; however, like a lover scorned, I’m simply not ready to commit to a long-term relationship with a writing project.  I need some time to get to know some new ideas like a short story, an article, or even a children’s book.

So, I’m taking a few days to catch up on some miscellaneous chores.


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