Cooking Pumpkin Pies and Feeling a Tad Bit Nauseous: A Reflection on Thankfulness

How cozy.  Cooking pumpkin pies and feeling a tad bit nauseous.  I’m suspecting that the nauseousness, with the signature before-getting-sick thickness in the back of my throat, is a gift from my two-year-old granddaughter.  Bless her heart and cute, little runny nose.   I’m thankful that taking heavy hits of Olive Leaf extract usually nips these symptoms in the bud.  I hope so, because tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I like to eat.  Of course, eating is not my primary pleasure at Thanksgiving.  The most important thing for me about Thanksgiving is to remember what I’m truly thankful for.

I’m thankful for many of the same things you are probably thankful for: family, friends, reasonable health, a home, food on the table, opportunity even in this economy, the comfort of an Almighty God who loves me deeply through the thick and the thin of life, and the opportunities I’ve had to pursue my passions.  I’m so, so thankful that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  I’m glad he does not change with this ever-changing world.  Mostly, I’m thankful that I’m thankful.

I know people who are not thankful. They have been deeply hurt. Pain has hardened their hearts. Some of these people blame God for the devil’s dirty work. Bitterness has disabled their joy, their hope.

I’ve been hurt, disappointed, confused, mistreated, and lonely at times.  But never do I want a hard, shriveled up heart.  I never want to not care about people. I never want to lose hope.  I never want to let the enemy of my soul rob my peace, joy, contentment, and appreciation.

I’m thankful to be thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving! Love strong! Eat well!

And don’t forget that it’s not fattening on Thanksgiving.

Your friend,



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