Depression is a Physical Illness-recycled

Depression affects the mind. It is not an illness of the mind. It is an illness in the brain, a part of the body, a physical illness. Depression is not a spiritual illness, though depression can affect the spirit. Depression is not a lack of faith, a failure, or a moral issue. Depression is not laziness.

Depression hurts. Depression can be debilitating. Depression sucks enjoyment. Depression removes the sunshine in a sunny day, the joy of something once enjoyed. Depression lies. It calls you “a failure,” “lazy.” It says “You cannot get better,” “Medicine is a lack of faith,” “Counseling is not trusting God.”

None of these things are true.

Depression is treatable.

God is not disappointed with you if you have depression. He weeps for the person struggling with depression. He longs to comfort the person struggling with depression.

Please, please, please, hold on! Hold on to your family. Hold on to your friends. Hold on to your doctor’s orders. Hold on to life!

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4 thoughts on “Depression is a Physical Illness-recycled

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    • Thank you for visiting my blog. I was impressed with what I read on your Black Dog blog. I would like to share the following excerpt with my readers:
      “When humans experience pain, be it emotional or physical, we tend to avoid it at all costs. We will go over it, under it, around it and away from it but rarely do we go through it. One of the simplest tools I’ve learnt is acceptance; acceptance is the one thing that deprives the Black Dog of his power” (Matthew Johnstone). Of course, I will give you credit.

      The best to you in your journey.

      Marsha Tracy

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