Sixteen Degrees


It’s 16 degrees in Boise, Idaho.  Sixteen degrees does not sound like a “banana belt” in Boise or the American South or anywhere. Whoever came up with such a silly expression for a state in the Rocky Mountains? Whether Boise is warm compared to Minnesota and Alaska does not make sixteen degrees warm in any sense of the word. I’ll post a picture in real time to prove it.

Not only is sixteen degrees cold in Boise, the world of publishing is cold in all 50 united states of America. An author might have a red-hot product, but in some genres–like my genre–agents and publishers will not even consider representing an author without a significant platform.  One agent, who liked my story, told me she would take another look at my book when my social media followers were in the thousands.  The thousands?  I’m not even in the hundreds. I have about 500 people on my “when the book is finished”’ contact list.  That’s a pretty start, I think.

Writing a book is not for the faint of heart.  Marketing a book is not for anyone without thick skin, a tremendous amount of ambition, connections, followers, and patience.  I’ve got all that, and to prove it, here I am drawing nigh to a decade of researching, speaking about, singing writing and writing about one book.

So, it’s not published, yet, but I have business cards with the word “author” on them, thus, I am a writer.

Watch out world!


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