Why Post a Non-Writing Related Blog on a Blog About Writing?!?

As most writers know, regardless of talent, perseverance, desire, or dreams, they cannot afford to give up their non-writing day job (or night job, for that matter).  As depressing as this tidbit of reality sounds, it isn’t all bad.

The skills you possess as a writer improve other life experiences.  That creative and technical drive you cart to work every day enhances your problem-solving, critical-thinking, attention to detail skills, not to mention your idea bank. And thus, as a writer, you are a better employee.

As a writer you are a better friend, parent, and sibling.  Why?  Because you are never dull or boring.  You are fun to be around because you think outside the box. You are creative and you are spontaneous.

My day job has much to do with my writer side. The dynamic between day job and writing  has been one of my two greatest challenges.  Day job and raising small children is the second most challenging.  I don’t know how I ever did all three (day job, raise children, and write). How can I write if I work (as if writing isn’t working)? When can I write? Where will I get the energy to write after a 40-hour work week?  How do you do it?

So, my last three posts about my job has much to do with my pursuit to be a “real” writer. And it has much to do with your pursuit, as well.


Marsha’s Job Update #1

I sense an end to my new job.  T. the gal who is training me has expressed displeasure with the fact that I have not totally grasped the job yet.  Seriously?  The pace at this job is so constant there is barely a moment to ponder what I just did.  It’s from one thing to another with almost constant interruptions. She ‘s been a pretty good trainer, I think, until this week.

This week, it seems as if T has set it in her mind that if Marsha is not off and running solo by week 4, she will never learn (this is the end of week 4). There is a distinct change in her tone and words when she speaks to me. Rather disrespectfully. Also, she has not taken me to have my fingerprints taken and I’ve been waiting days, with a couple of reminders, to be hooked up to print PDF files from the printer. She watches and listens to everything I do and say, which I was okay with for the first couple of weeks, but I think it’s a bit extreme when she asks me what I’m doing when I go to the supply cabinet, which she showed me when I started, or speaks to one of the guys when they are in their office, even though the supervisor has invited me to ask them questions.  Everything must go through her.  I’m beginning to suspect micomanageritis.

Not everyone learns at the same pace.  I happen to be a slower, more meticulous learner in the beginning  It really is a very stressful job but, thankfully,  I am happy with my work.  I think I’ve done exceedingly well under the circumstances, and have determined to stay unless they fire me or I am offered another job.  It is a great organization and I would hate to loose an opportunity, in any case, but particularly without at least giving 100%.

Marsha’s Job Update

A wonderful thing happened, yesterday:

My emotional outlook took a complete U-turn on the way to work. I felt empowered and amazingly detached from my fears.  I walked into the office with a bounce to my step and an “I ‘m fine whatever happens” attitude. The work was grueling, as demanding as the day before, but I dominated it with patient persistence like a dog trainer with an out-of-control canine.  I was not intimidated.

Later, when things slowed down, the same gal I spoke of yesterday (my trainer), confronted me.  She asked me why the dog statue on my desk was gone. Was I leaving them? Had they had scared me off?  I told her that after yesterday, I felt like anything could happen.  And if it did, I wanted to be prepared. Was it something I did?  She asked.  So, I shared my perspective.  She apologized.  They ARE happy with my work.  They DON’T want me to leave. And even if they did, they would talk to me before they would talk to the temp agency.

Prayers answered!

Marsha’s Job Update #3

As you know from last week’s experience at work, I had encountered and overcome a rough spot at my new job. When Friday came, comfortable with my work –particularly after the assurance T, my trainer, gave me during our talk–I was doing the Friday dance.

The day went quickly.

Around 4 p.m., shortly after T left for the evening, the supervisor approached my desk.

“Can you come into my office?” he said.

With my first step towards his office, I knew.

We sat down in his office, facing one another.

“With my surgery tomorrow…” he paused. “This is really hard.”

“Just say it,” I said.

“Okay, I’ll just say it. We have to let you go. T doesn’t think you’re picking the job up fast enough. And with me gone for the next 6-8 weeks, well, it’s just going to get busier,” the implication being that doing the job alone 1s less of a burden than working with an almost-trained receptionist

It was as if yesterday’s conversation never happened.

”We’re hop to bring in a couple of guys from the NW office. Stop by for a cup of coffee when you’re in the area. We really like you. Call me if you need a reference,” He rambled as if small talk could minimize the life-changing consequence of his announcement.

Maybe my progress learning the job was an issue, but since the day before T did not want me to leave, and my progress these last two days had noticeably accelerated, it is more probable that with the supervisor’s impending surgery and long sick leave and possibly several current employees temporarily coming in from other offices, the remaining employees would not have time to oversee a trainee.  It is also possible that something I said in what I perceived as a positive interchange two days ago, did not sit well with T.

Though I need a job and really liked a portion of this job, I must admit that a part of me was relieved.

A New Theme: Hope It’s Free

Sometimes Word Press is not clear, so I am not sure whether or not there is a charge for my new look.  Could not find any pricing info, so I’m taking a chance.  I’m simply not willing to pay for a theme when there are so many nice free ones available. But I was ready for a change, so here it is.  A refreshing look after a month of snow and ice in Boise.

Sometimes it’s a long road home.

SImagePhotograph by Marsha Tracy

A Temporary Bye Bye

I just started a new job, which means that, at least during the learning curve, I will be sending even fewer blogs than I’ve been sending. Thanks to everyone who reads my blog.  It’s been about as dead as a door nail. Is that how the saying goes?  Not feeling too enthused at the moment.  What do you expect? It’s 4:15 in the morning.