Marsha’s Job Update #1

I sense an end to my new job.  T. the gal who is training me has expressed displeasure with the fact that I have not totally grasped the job yet.  Seriously?  The pace at this job is so constant there is barely a moment to ponder what I just did.  It’s from one thing to another with almost constant interruptions. She ‘s been a pretty good trainer, I think, until this week.

This week, it seems as if T has set it in her mind that if Marsha is not off and running solo by week 4, she will never learn (this is the end of week 4). There is a distinct change in her tone and words when she speaks to me. Rather disrespectfully. Also, she has not taken me to have my fingerprints taken and I’ve been waiting days, with a couple of reminders, to be hooked up to print PDF files from the printer. She watches and listens to everything I do and say, which I was okay with for the first couple of weeks, but I think it’s a bit extreme when she asks me what I’m doing when I go to the supply cabinet, which she showed me when I started, or speaks to one of the guys when they are in their office, even though the supervisor has invited me to ask them questions.  Everything must go through her.  I’m beginning to suspect micomanageritis.

Not everyone learns at the same pace.  I happen to be a slower, more meticulous learner in the beginning  It really is a very stressful job but, thankfully,  I am happy with my work.  I think I’ve done exceedingly well under the circumstances, and have determined to stay unless they fire me or I am offered another job.  It is a great organization and I would hate to loose an opportunity, in any case, but particularly without at least giving 100%.


2 thoughts on “Marsha’s Job Update #1

  1. hi Marsha and God bless you and yours . Well Marsha you are a child off the Lord od and he is in charge so just look to him and who cares about the rest of the world that is rushing by tied up in all the things that make them sooooo important . keeep looking to him as you already know he has a plan and he has your best interest in his handAll my love to you there allways Your friend Michael Bacon

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