Marsha’s Job Update #3

As you know from last week’s experience at work, I had encountered and overcome a rough spot at my new job. When Friday came, comfortable with my work –particularly after the assurance T, my trainer, gave me during our talk–I was doing the Friday dance.

The day went quickly.

Around 4 p.m., shortly after T left for the evening, the supervisor approached my desk.

“Can you come into my office?” he said.

With my first step towards his office, I knew.

We sat down in his office, facing one another.

“With my surgery tomorrow…” he paused. “This is really hard.”

“Just say it,” I said.

“Okay, I’ll just say it. We have to let you go. T doesn’t think you’re picking the job up fast enough. And with me gone for the next 6-8 weeks, well, it’s just going to get busier,” the implication being that doing the job alone 1s less of a burden than working with an almost-trained receptionist

It was as if yesterday’s conversation never happened.

”We’re hop to bring in a couple of guys from the NW office. Stop by for a cup of coffee when you’re in the area. We really like you. Call me if you need a reference,” He rambled as if small talk could minimize the life-changing consequence of his announcement.

Maybe my progress learning the job was an issue, but since the day before T did not want me to leave, and my progress these last two days had noticeably accelerated, it is more probable that with the supervisor’s impending surgery and long sick leave and possibly several current employees temporarily coming in from other offices, the remaining employees would not have time to oversee a trainee.  It is also possible that something I said in what I perceived as a positive interchange two days ago, did not sit well with T.

Though I need a job and really liked a portion of this job, I must admit that a part of me was relieved.


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