Marsha’s Job Update

A wonderful thing happened, yesterday:

My emotional outlook took a complete U-turn on the way to work. I felt empowered and amazingly detached from my fears.  I walked into the office with a bounce to my step and an “I ‘m fine whatever happens” attitude. The work was grueling, as demanding as the day before, but I dominated it with patient persistence like a dog trainer with an out-of-control canine.  I was not intimidated.

Later, when things slowed down, the same gal I spoke of yesterday (my trainer), confronted me.  She asked me why the dog statue on my desk was gone. Was I leaving them? Had they had scared me off?  I told her that after yesterday, I felt like anything could happen.  And if it did, I wanted to be prepared. Was it something I did?  She asked.  So, I shared my perspective.  She apologized.  They ARE happy with my work.  They DON’T want me to leave. And even if they did, they would talk to me before they would talk to the temp agency.

Prayers answered!


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