Neglecting My Blog: for Shame

Why would anyone visit my blog when I am so sadly neglectful? Six entire months with only two blogs posted all year!  I should be ashamed of myself.  I suppose such negligence happens to the best writers, at times. Whatever my reasons for the neglect, it’s time to get back on the social media trail.

In these last six months, I made efforts to stay healthy, find employment, and tend to last minute-style tasks in preparation for ebook publication.  I have read my notes from IdahaHope’s 2012 Writer’s Conference and the World Wide Web, played around with some cover ideas, and gotten my manuscript to an editor for a last edit.   I have also sent out a few query letters.  But for the most part, I have felt more stuck these past six months than I have felt these past 9 ½ years writing this book.

Except for John Koppang’s kind commentary,  (, I feel as if the manuscript has fallen through the crack of well-meaning people who never finished reading and commenting on my story even though they volunteered to read and comment.

I know that people have their lives, but so do I.  So, here I go.  Ready or not, I’m gonna just have to move ahead, expected reader response or not.



A Comment from One of My Readers

I was very moved by Marsha’s story. Her word pictures and turning of phrases made her story an very enjoyable and inviting read. Lately I have been reading a lot and I would say that Marsha’s writing skill places her on a par with the current crop of popular authors.

I believe Marsha presented a very real and accurate portrayal of what life can be like in the church as we know it. Her experiences goes a long way toward explaining why so many earnest followers of Jesus Christ are just not willing to remain in the traditional church any longer.

John Koppang
former member of CCBTC​