A Peaceful Summer Morn

Here I am on my front porch one day before my favorite month of the year: July.  Why do I like July? Well, for one thing, it’s hot. In the mornings, when it is shady on my back porch, I can write outside upon my laptop. I can drink coffee to the music of sparrows, doves, hummingbirds, and squirrels. Westies, such valiant guard dogs, keep me safe. It’s just plain ‘ol peaceful.  Image

I’m starting to move forward towards publishing an ebook.  I’m starting to focus.


Publishing an ebook

After many contemplative moments regarding self publishing verses traditional publishing, I have decided to pursue both. My research shows that self publishing an ebook has become a respectable publishing option. The popularity of the Kindle and the IPad, etc. have made ebooks not only accessible, but inexpensive for the reader (often between .99 cents and $2.99).  Ebooks can also be lucrative for the writer, and in rare cases, lead to a print-book deal.

Of course, for this symbiotic relationship to work, like any other book, the ebook must be a good read. It must also be ruthlessly edited and have an appealing, professional or professional-looking cover design.

For more information, read “How to Self-Publish an ebook by David Carnov.” It is an excellent, thorough, and user-friendly resource for the wanna be ebook publisher.