Publishing an ebook

After many contemplative moments regarding self publishing verses traditional publishing, I have decided to pursue both. My research shows that self publishing an ebook has become a respectable publishing option. The popularity of the Kindle and the IPad, etc. have made ebooks not only accessible, but inexpensive for the reader (often between .99 cents and $2.99).  Ebooks can also be lucrative for the writer, and in rare cases, lead to a print-book deal.

Of course, for this symbiotic relationship to work, like any other book, the ebook must be a good read. It must also be ruthlessly edited and have an appealing, professional or professional-looking cover design.

For more information, read “How to Self-Publish an ebook by David Carnov.” It is an excellent, thorough, and user-friendly resource for the wanna be ebook publisher.



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