A Peaceful Summer Morn

Here I am on my front porch one day before my favorite month of the year: July.  Why do I like July? Well, for one thing, it’s hot. In the mornings, when it is shady on my back porch, I can write outside upon my laptop. I can drink coffee to the music of sparrows, doves, hummingbirds, and squirrels. Westies, such valiant guard dogs, keep me safe. It’s just plain ‘ol peaceful.  Image

I’m starting to move forward towards publishing an ebook.  I’m starting to focus.


2 thoughts on “A Peaceful Summer Morn

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    • Thank you for coming to my blog, Sherrie. I checked your blog out. Cool bunny signting. With two terriers guarding trespassing wildlife in our yard, rabbits wouldn’t have a chance.

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