Moving Towards ebook Publication

not sure road-pixir editorI am getting excited again, reaching for the goal of publishing my book.  I finally found the perfect ebook editing site.  Smashwords is user friendly, full of relevant resources, and FREE!  Thanks to, I also found a free professional photo editing program that I understand.  My editors are making progress on the books final edit, and I’m honing in on a better title.

My poor, nameless book.  Oh, that’s not quite entirely true.  My book has a name, it just isn’t the right name.  Actually, it has had at least five names.  None of them were quite right.  But finally, I know why.  This feedback from my writing mentor makes perfect sense:

“The title itself is not working for me. There are two main ways. First of all, ‘Finding Free’ does not point to what is unique in your story, and could be used as a title for many other memoirs. What I see as unique to your memoir is that you are searching for who you are through experiences with church. So I would put some allusion to church (doesn’t have to be the word “church”) in the main part of the title. Second, the words “free” and “acceptance” can be seen as opposites — if you’re really free, then what do you care about being accepted? Even though I know that there’s a deeper kind of acceptance your’re talking about (not just being liked), I’m your cousin. I know these things. And  though most others won’t spot the contradiction, you have undermined your chance to say something powerful.”

P.S.  I’m having trouble figuring out how to manipulate my text in Pixlr/editor.  Help appreciated.


2 thoughts on “Moving Towards ebook Publication

  1. I’m excited that you are coming to close to getting your book published! It sounds like you have a good mentor who is helping you shape the title— a very important aspect of a book, and a difficult one too. Keep up the good work.

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