Reading my Synopsis Might Help You Vote on a Title (or think of a new one)

From a baby who didn’t smile for six months, to a kid who entered a Gentile home, to a Jewish adult who chose Jesus as the fulfillment of her faith,Tracy never quite fit in with her peers. As a young Christian, Tracy searched for a community where she could fit in as a Christ follower. In the first years, her search led to an African American church where the “saints” nurtured her as a prodigal daughter returning home, a group posing as Christians who turned out to be a front for the Unification Church founded by Reverend Sun Myung Moon, and a spiritually vibrant mega church in Seattle that became notorious in the mid1980s for a practice called “Spiritual Connections.”

Spiritual Connections was a form of “worship” where members danced with partners to whom they were not married. The result was a rash of emotional and sexual affairs, adultery, nervous breakdowns, divorces, lawsuits, several suicides, and one murder. After Tracy escaped, she attended a church in Boise for 19 years where, during the last six of these years, she encountered a personality-driven pastor who seemed more concerned with his own glory than the spiritual needs of his members. In these organizations, powerful autocratic leaders used mind control to pressure members to disconnect from their families, nonconforming friends, and their individuality.

Though Tracy’s journey thrust her into some significantly unbalanced religious experiences, she learned to surrender her unhealthy relationship with church, give and accept forgiveness, and become vulnerable and honest in relationship. She eventually finds freedom from condemnation and the courage, to be one-of-a-kind authentic.


2 thoughts on “Reading my Synopsis Might Help You Vote on a Title (or think of a new one)

    • with some suggestions from my mentor, I think I’ve settled on a title. What do you think about:
      FINDING FREE: searching for faith in broken churches. Note my mentors comments that affected my decision:

      “This last batch of titles doesn’t do much for me. Except for the word “broken” to describe churches — that seems a good word choice. I still don’t like “Dancing With God.” It’s too grandiose. And too unabashedly joyous to fit the content. Don’t like “Corrupt From Within” because, like “Twisted Churches,” this sounds like a nonfiction expose on churches rather than a memoir. Also, corruption implies “from within,” so it’s extra words. And could be used for any kind of expose, so doesn’t convey much. The subtitle “seeking faith, friendship and freedom in wounded churches” seems to be so general it loses its punch. I think it’s true that your memoir concerns exactly these three things, so it’s a good global description. But to get someone interested in reading a book, I think you have to narrow your focus. “Searching for faith in broken churches” is so much more focused and powerful. Dancing with God
      finding myself in broken churches, a journey”

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