The “If Only” Place

The “If Only” Place 
  • I already keep a journal.
  • Who would read a blog written by a stranger?
  • I would have to use the right tense in every sentence and phrase.
  • I would have to spell and punctuate correctly.
  • Writing a blog will take time away from writing THE book.

THE book, a sacred act of revealing my life on paper for the world to see.

THE book, a thing that will one day rescue me from my day job.

THE book, an obsession that I talk about, think about, dream about.

THE book that will someday entertain and inspire thousands.

THE book, an icebreaker at a party.

THE book, the boring thing that people wonder what’s taking so long.

One day it occurred to me that I don’t even have a book. I have a manuscript. One day I admitted that THE book (okay, the manuscript) hasn’t rescued me from my day job and may never, though it is a great icebreaker at parties. Yet I still dream.

Though this book-in-process may never be on the New York Times Bestseller list, I still dream about the day my story will entertain and inspire others. But I don’t merely dream.  I understand that the act of writing has in itself transported me out of the “if only” place.  And that is an exceptional accomplishment!


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