You Have a Story to Tell


From the teenager struggling with peer pressure to the child facing terminal illness, the domestic engineer to the corporate CEO, the single dad, the widowed woman, the preschool teacher, the librarian, the homeless woman, and the Holy Ghost preacher, we all have a story to tell.  


You may feel as if you do not have a story to tell because your life seems bland and perhaps even boring, at times.  But you do have a story to tell. Tell us about what it feels like to live a bland existence.  You may not feel skilled in writing.  Then speak your story.  After all, oral stories were the first “books.”


I’m just a common woman with a story to tell.  Day by day, word by word, my story grew into a book.   Now that’s not the most profound thing you’ve probably heard today, but, for me, it’s profound.  It seemed like an impossible mountain when I began writing my story 10 years ago.  Now that it’s written, I face a new challenge: getting my story into your hand.

Administrative Support, Customer Service,
Author, Speaker, Dog Trainer & Canine Behaviorist

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