Two More Title Ideas Tacked on

Three titles & a subtitle

1. A Place to Belong
2. Finding My Place
3. Fitting Into Church

through the religious maze to amazing grace


My New title: from

“…your own unfolding, emerging, to discover God, and in the process, yourself” (Pedro Gaffney, my stepdad).

As per my stepfather’s quote above, my new title should express THE LOSS AND THE GAIN, the LONGING AND FULFILLMENT of my journey.  From child to senior citizen–a lifetime–I have sought a place of belonging. That’s why I’m considering the following title:

A Place to Belong

through the religious maze to amazing grace 

a memoir

I also like these ideas, “Late Bloomer,” “Emerging,” “Transformation,” and “Finding Intimate Relationship with God & his people.”







Five Airplane Trips in Six days

Friends since 10th grade

Friends since 10th grade

Last night, I arrived at the Boise airport after a lovely visit in Sebastapol, California with my family.  Most likely because I used air miles, flight choices were slim.  My best options departed from Boise, Seattle, Portland, and arrived in Santa Rosa. on September 3. My departing flights arrived in Portland and Boise on the evening of September 8.  I enjoyed the entire trip, but was happy to be back home with my husband, my dogs, and familiar  Boise turf.

My vacation consisted of relaxing with my mom, who will be 84 next month, walking my sister’s dog, eating yummy mom food, running around town for this errand and that, and visiting with family and friends.

Besides a short discussion with my parents re: titles, I got little else done on the book. But today,I’m back in the saddle.

In the relaxing comfort of my home,and with the help of my friends,  I am leaning towards a title.

This is what Lori, an unusually talented editor, writer, and owner of the Scribe Source says about two title selections:

“I like the use of the word religion in your subtitle; I think it will reach a wider audience. The people who don’t like it in contrast to “relationship” are probably not the ones who need your story most. And I think the title (at the top of this thread, not the newer ones you posted in the comments) is a winner.”



my journey towards healthy religion

a newer title posted in the comment:

Trading Rules, Shame, Guilt, & Blame for Peace with God
A memoir

“You who are trying to be justified by law have been alienated from Christ. You have fallen away from grace” (Galatians 5.4).

What do you think?

A Facebook Friend Asks: Why do you want someone who has left the organized church, to return?

COMPLETE QUESTION: As a proposed reader, if one of your reasons for writing the book is to, “Encourage those who have left the church to return because they have given up on it,” my question which would need to entail a detailed answer, is “Why?” Why do you want someone who has left the organized church, to return? What would be the motivation? What would be the end result that someone could NOT find, if they never entered or became part of a “church,” again? Relationship with God and his son, and relationship with his people, happens OUTSIDE a ‘church’ building, so how are you going to get someone who has turned away from organized religion, interested in going back…? God and relationship with him exists outside organized religion, so why bother with it? (AND I get, feeding the orphans, teaching, etc.), but again, this exists and happens outside of an organized group arranging such things. I just can’t see the benefit of DOING organized religion… not in the long run. Been there, done that and will never, ever do it again… I trust organized religion and “religious people,” about as much as I trust Obama… (& I don’t trust him for even one second!)
SHORT ANSWER: Because the Body of Christ needs YOU. I’m not saying that the Body of Christ cannot meet outside an organized church building because we can and, in my opinion, should. After all, if we have accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we ARE the church. Meeting with each other in a venue that is organized offers friendship and family, corporate worship, Bible teaching, and maybe most importantly, opportunity for the friction and conflict that builds deeper relationship and character.
Many people I know, including myself, have been victims of religious abuse. We may love God, but we have a bad taste in our mouth re: church. To many of these people, church is profane, a dirty word, something to avoid. But I contend that these people have not experienced the difference between a toxic faith system and a health faith system.
Here are two theme scriptures that set the tone of my book:
1. “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery” (Galatians 5.1)2. “You who are trying to be justified by law have been alienated from Christ. You have fallen away from grace” (Galatians 5.4).
In Him,